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Dedication: In Loving Memory of Ryan Euan


With deep love and

admiration, this website and this work are dedicated to

the memory of my

brother, Ryan.


Transcend by Monet was

inspired and designed

to serve others

with the compassion, generosity of spirit and

commitment to excellence

with which Ryan

lived his life.


In August of 2011, I had the honor of proudly observing my baby brother, Ryan, conclude the summer with much to celebrate after overcoming so many personal and professional obstacles. He had graduated from law school earlier that summer and landed a much sought after position at a renowned law firm. He had happily chosen a smaller firm to be closer to and have more time with his two year old son, Jameson.


Days after completing his bar exam, he came down with what appeared to be a typical respiratory infection. After great physical discomfort and some troubling signs, he went to see the doctor, who did not know what the issue was. She simply prescribed various medications to address each of his symptoms.


On August 6, 2011 at the young age of 27, Ryan transitioned unexpectedly. His autopsy report eventually concluded myocarditis, an infection, inflammation and injury of the heart. While there were many factors involved in my brother's death, his immune system and ultimately his heart could not overcome the infection or handle the toxic combination of multiple substances (a seemingly benign mixture of both prescribed and over the counter medications) waging warfare within his system, like many untimely deaths before him.


My world collapsed. He was the baby of the family and my only brother. Ryan was and will always be one of the greatest loves of my life. Someone who believed in me, and someone I believed in. A wonderful man, father and best friend.


After my brother's death, I was called to sojourn in Paris for a couple of months to heal my grieving heart amidst the beauty, art and history that only such a city could provide. While walking along the Seine River one night thinking about Ryan, it became clear to me how to move forward with my life in a manner that would honor my brother's. I was not going to allow the life he lived and his premature death to end in vain.


Having always had a passion for all things health, my family and friends (including Ryan) have always come to me for health, medical and nutrition advice for as long as I can remember.  Ryan's transition ignited a fire and an urgency within me to take that passion into a more public realm to share knowledge that is not always mainstream or easy to come by; knowledge that could save someone's life or save someone from a life of unnecessary side effects and chronic, debilitating pain; and finally, knowledge that defies mainstream trends and beliefs that certain ailments and issues are inevitable, incurable or impossible to address. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (one of my guiding principles), and I know that, for me, I have been able to transcend the trials and limitations I have faced by seeking the knowledge required to give me the perspective to choose right action.


I think about Ryan every day, and every day, I am inspired by his beauty, truth and legacy. With his memory to guide me, I hope to honor him by creating and contributing the best work of which I am capable, living a life of gratitude, authenticity, presence and joy, and giving back to those who are open and would benefit from the resources, information and support that I share with all of you through this website.

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