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Supplement Consultations

Have you ever stood in the vitamin aisle overwhelmed by all of the different choices available for one single vitamin? Which form of this vitamin does your body need? Which brands actually deliver? Or which one is right for you and the health concerns you are facing? Explore the best options for you and any concerns you might have, including which brands are of the highest integrity and where to get the best prices. This is also a great way to create a supplement protocol for upcoming travels to boost the immune system and avoid any health issues, improve mental performance at work, or heal more efficiently from an upcoming surgery or injury. The options are endless, and supplementation can give you a boost on health, performance, and longevity.


Health & Wellness Consultations


It can be difficult to move through the shock or trauma of a diagnosis without knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate support. When circumstances seem overwhelming and frightening, these sessions give you the tools to manage the spectrum of emotions that may hinder you from making the best choices for your situation. Simultaneously you'll be receiving the support, information, and resources that you may not have discovered or explored to effectively address your issue. Consultations are also designed to address and integrate all aspects of your lifestyle to overcome any chronic, unresolved health issues, including serious health challenges such as addiction, obesity, cancer, HIV, AIDS. Private one on one sessions provide you with personalized support as we create the template for new patterns together. My job is to guide and help you in holding and anchoring a new pattern until you can do so by yourself. These new patterns will dissolve any blockages so that healing may occur unimpeded.


Advocate Services


Advocate services may be helpful if you find yourself in a perpetual state of fear or feel paralyzed. As many people may not have living relatives or a trusted support system, the purpose of advocate work is to provide support by having someone present who is unaffected by fear to ask important questions, hear everything that is being relayed, and take notes. When we are in a frightening medical situation, we can get triggered by one word or sentence from our medical care provider. Our minds begin to wander to all sorts of questions, fears, and worse case scenarios once we hook into what was said, missing all the information that comes afterwards. This way, you do not have to walk through stressful interactions and the healing process alone.

Rates are customized to individual clients needs and project specifications.


10% or more of all profits are donated to charitable organizations performing tremendous

work all over the world. Learn more about these inspiring non-profit initiatives here.

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Tel: (310) 734-8205

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