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The Origin of Transcend by Monet

In my mid-twenties, I was "diagnosed" with the bladder disease interstitial cystitis. I had amazing medical insurance at the time; I could go to whomever I wanted, whenever I wanted and get as many second opinions as I wanted at a nominal copay. So I did. I was even referred to the Head of Urology at a prominent hospital here in Los Angeles. Of all the urologists and doctors that I saw, they all told me that they did not really know what was going on with my bladder symptoms, but that they thought it was interstitial cystitis. After multiple rounds of antibiotics, the Head of Urology said, "We're going to try these different hormones and pharmaceuticals that I have had success with in my practice and see what works."


I was already struggling with numerous side effects from taking the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (Cipro). Back then, the side effects from Cipro were only one paragraph long. Now, not only does Cipro have 2 black box warnings, but the list of side effects runs pages long. Anyone who has taken repeated rounds of fluoroquinolone antibiotics knows that it is no easy task recovering from the massive stress and damage incurred by these drugs. Regardless, this Head of Urology proceeded to give me estrogen and another drug created for the male prostate to see if that would help my issue.


Let me reiterate that I was not aware there was any other option than to go to a Western Medicine MD to solve my problem. I was in pain and desperate for relief and an answer. Everyone around me at the time kept telling me to just do what the doctor says.


After fulfilling my prescriptions, I was preparing the estrogen as directed, but I noticed a warning label that said, "If there is any history of breast cancer in your family, do not take this drug." That my grandmother had breast cancer was obviously in my chart and a massive oversight on my doctor's part. I called her office the next morning and was told, "Oh yeah, don't take that."


This was the beginning of the end.


As I looked at the other drug (for the male prostate) she asked me to try, I began to wonder, what would this do to a female body? I began to consciously bring forth the questions that had been running in the background of my mind. What is going on here? Why doesn't anybody know what is happening? They want to keep quelling the symptoms, but WHAT IS THE CAUSE?


I threw the prescription in the trash. In that moment, I knew within the depths of my being that a pharmaceutical drug was not the answer, and if I was going to receive any relief, I had to take ownership and responsibility for what was happening. I was beginning to trust and embody a radical notion: I AM THE AUTHORITY OF MY BODY.


I did not know who or how or what was going to help me or happen, and I felt overwhelmed with fear. I went to bed every night with a racing heart and experienced anxiety and panic attacks throughout the ordeal.


In a moment of grace, I mentioned the situation to someone I barely knew (completely uncharacteristic of me), and he handed me the card of a Chinese Herbalist. I did not know anything about Chinese Medicine then, but I was so desperate for help that I ran home and made the appointment that changed my life. It turns out that as a result of a toxic mold exposure, my body began chelating mercury I had absorbed as a teenager when I had broken a glass mercury thermometer. That mercury was causing an inflammation of the bladder with symptoms similar to a bladder infection. This explained why all of the medical doctors were miffed at not finding any bacteria in the urinalysis tests. I was able to heal my bladder entirely and detox the mercury with potent, non-toxic chinese herbs with zero side effects.


I wondered how many people just accept their diagnosis and adapt to a life of poor health, chronic health issues, debilitating side effects and habitual pharmaceutical use? It became my passion to help family and friends navigate lesser known modalities and alternatives with little to no side-effects. Optimal health is absolutely our birthright, and absolutely possible when we make the choice for knowledge, responsibility and healing.

Your perspective is always limited by how much you know.

Expand your knowledge, and you will transform your mind.

~ Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

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