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If you’re tired of deciding between a good bargain and a good product, you’ll be happy to know that offers savings up to 50% off retail on the healthy products you want and need, including vitamins, supplements, health foods, sports nutrition products, bath & beauty favorites, even home and pet products.

I refer to Vitacost as the Costco for high quality vitamins, supplements, organic food, and natural household items. I stock up on everything under the sun every month. Vitacost almost always has coupon codes and specials running. Be sure to check for extra savings. First time users can use this link to reveal your unique $10 off code, which you can use to save on your first $30 order.


*Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a revolutionary online marketplace with a mission to make healthy living easy and afforable for everyone. This membership based model offering wholesale prices on top natural brands, and for every membership purchased, a free membership is donated to a low-income American family.

Great place to buy superfood snacks, supplements, beauty products, and all natural household items at a big discount. You won't find these prices at Whole Foods...


Pharmaca's holistic approach offers a variety of tools for healthy living, including the highest-quality vitamins, hard-to-find herbal and homeopathic formulas, and non-toxic skin care and cosmetics that will leave your skin feeling as good as it looks. The products they offer are selected based on the expertise of the many health care professionals that work in Pharmaca's stores—including naturopaths, pharmacists, herbalist, nutritionists and estheticians.

I can get lost in this store for hours, and same goes for Pharmaca's website. Pharmaca has a huge selection of supplements and homeopathics; it also carries some of the cleanest and best natural beauty products and makeup available. Be on the lookout as there is usually a coupon code on the Pharmaca homepage.


*Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins believe whole food based nutrition containing collagen is essential for one’s overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Our ancestors utilized sustainable whole animal nutrition, which provided an abundant amount of collagen. Over the past century modern food processing has removed this natural and healthy protein from our diets. Collagen is vital for our body and is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

I am a big fan of Vital Protein's Marine Collagen & Collagen Peptides, and I appreciate that the company sources the purest, highest quality product available. That means no antibiotics, steroids or hormones, and animals are grass-fed, pasture raised.


*Hay House

Hay House was founded in 1984 by Louise Hay as a way to self-publish her first two books, Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life, both of which became international bestsellers (You Can Heal Your Life has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide) and established Louise as a leader in the transformational movement. Today, Hay House is committed to publishing products that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing planet Earth.

The work of Hayhouse authors such as Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and many more have been integral to my healing process, helping me to become aware of limiting belief systems and transform them to create the life of my choosing. I highly recommend Hayhouse as a great place to find support whatever your challenge.


*Global Healing Center

Global Healing Center is the premier source for organic living and natural health. They offer a wide variety of high quality, green living lifestyle products to help you maintain a clean body and live a healthy lifestyle. Their mission is to help clients and customers help themselves, realize their body has self-healing mechanisms, educate and provide the tools necessary to live a long, healthy, happy life.

GHC's creator is featured in The Truth About Cancer documentary series where he speaks about the importance of detoxification in healing/preventing chronic disease. GHC's impressive B-12 and Detoxadine (nascent iodine) supplements are regulars in my supplement regimen. The health information on their blog is also a great resource.


*Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations was founded to formulate and manufacture the highest quality line of hypoallergenic supplements available. Since our inception, we have been the industry leader in manufacturing excellence and quality control, as well as a pioneer in the production of research-based and clinically relevant formulas. There are currently 19 clinical trials in progress involving Pure Encapsulations products, including studies at Stanford University, Michigan State and the Mayo Clinic.

Pure Encapsulations is one of my top 3 go to brands. It is one of the few companies that offers a wide range of clean, pharmaceutical grade supplements with high integrity. The "Provider Picks/Recommended Products" are supplements I personally highlighted, recommend and use.


Pure Synergy

The Synergy Company™ has been dedicated to providing our life-enhancing, inspired by nature, organic supplements to the world community.

Huge fan of the veggie/berry powders. I use the Barley grass juice powder and Wheat grass juice powder in my smoothies/protein shakes.


*Living Libations

Living Libations has creates potent, revolutionary formulas that address oral-care with the purity necessary to have the healthiest mouth ever. Holistic dental care.

Love the all natural, potent tooth oils! Great for healing or preventing tooth/gum infections. The facial products are equally amazing, all natural and chock full of high quality, anti-aging ingredients like essential oils. No fillers or chemicals are used.


*The Detox Market

Co-founder Valérie is a breast cancer survivor. During her healing journey, she discovered the inordinate amount of toxicity in personal care products. You won’t find toxic culprits like parabens, phthalates, glycols, PEGs or synthetics in any product the Detox Market offers as they meticulously dissect each product for toxic and controversial ingredients.

One of the best places to go for the best all natural, high quality makeup and beauty products. 


CAP Beauty

At CAP Beauty, natural means natural. This means 100%, all the time, no exceptions. CAP Beauty lives by the philosophy that beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty. The products they sell are packed with healthful and life-enhancing ingredients that support your well-being while delivering you to your most beautiful and radiant self.


Mountain Rose Herbs

Offering organic and sustainably sourced medicinal herbs, culinary spices, handcrafted teas, pure essential oils, & bulk ingredients for the home apothecary since 1987. As herbalists and plant lovers, we believe that supporting organic agriculture, protecting wilderness, reducing environmental impact, and sharing the benefits of organic herbs is imperative to the health of our planet!

This is my go to for high quality, affordable essential oils, carrier oils, and all kinds of organic goodies. I love to make a lot of my own all natural lotions and potions, and you can get everything here. I've been a customer of MRH for over 15 years and have never been disappointed.


Veriditas by Pranarom

“In Europe, essential oils are made for the pharmaceutical industry,” VB owner Melissa explains. “To buy them, you wouldn’t go to a natural foods store, you’d go to a pharmacy. That’s the kind of product we’re making.” All essential oils at Veriditas Botanicals are NOP certified and Certified Organic through the French certification agency – ECOCERT. Their hydrosols are distilled in stainless steel stills and processed through certified organic methods in Europe – BIO, SIMPLE and ECOCERT. These hydrosols are so pure that they can also be taken internally.

In love with these hydrosols & essential oils. The high quality/integrity of this brand is obvious with the first application. For the first time in years, I've struggled with really dry skin this winter season and nothing has worked until I tried VB's Rose Otto/Damascena hydrosol. I've since turned all my friends onto it, and they are noticing a big difference as well. I also use VB hydrosols to freshen up/cleanse the house and so great for hotel rooms!



Natren is a pharmaceutical grade probiotic that specializes only in quality probiotics. They guarantee 100% colony forming units (cfu) potency through the printed expiration date (not just at time of manufacture). All of Natren's probiotics are packaged into amber glass bottles and continuously refrigerated to provide extended cfu potency.

Natren's Healthy Trinity is one of my all time favorite probiotic brands. I've used it for years, and my long time herbalist/acupuncturist tested many brands and found Natren to be the best of those he tested containing the highest amount of live probiotics. Gy-Na-Tren is also a highly recommended, natural way to address vaginal/urinary health such as recurring yeast infections or to promote beneficial flora after multiple rounds of antibiotics.


*Pong Case

Pong® is an environmental health, safety, and wellness company that provides science-based solutions to protect users of cell phones and wireless devices from unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Pong’s cell phone case represents the first patented technology proven in laboratories certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to redirect EMR away from the head and body. Pong thereby reduces the user’s radiation exposure by up to 95% below FCC and internationally established safety limits.

I always use a pong case on my cell phone given all the disturbing information out there linking cancer and brain tumors to the tremendous amount of EMR exposure we get through our cell phones & wireless devices. I feel safer using it, and they are sleek, simple, and elegant while also being protective. Pong makes cell phone cases for Droid and iPhone, as well as cases for ipads. 


*Squatty Potty

Medical doctors, naturopaths, and assorted holistic health professionals have pointed out the hazards of the modern toilet for years. There is empirical evidence that elevating your feet during elimination is healthier. While sitting to do our business may be considered “civilized”, studies show the natural squat position improves our ability to eliminate. Better elimination may decrease many modern day ailments including bloating, straining, hemorrhoids and constipation.

Dr. Christiane Northrup recommends the Squatty Potty to help improve bowel issues (IBS, constipation, etc.) and urinary issues such as incontinence in some cases. Using a squatty potty is a great habit to support one of our most important detoxification organs!



Vitamix makes use-mine-every-day, can’t-live-without-it, commercial-grade blenders for the past 70 years. The Vitamix 5200™ lasts more than 3x longer than the Ninja® Professional BL660 and 10x longer than the Nutribullet® Pro 900 Series. Most come with a 7-year full warranty.

Vitamix is THE ultimate blender in my opinion. I had my first vitamix for 6 years with zero issues, and I am convinced that if Fedex had not lost it in transit during a move, it would still be in perfect condition. I use mine every day as it is one of the main contributors to my health & wellness program that I cannot live without. Vitamix has a cult following for a reason, and it's worth every penny! Invest in your health.



Clean water is essential for healthy living, and Aquasana is one of the very best for effective water filtration. Their filters are NSF certified to reduce 66 water contaminants, including over 96% of chlorine and chloramines, as well as over 99% of lead, asbestos, turbidity, VOC's, and pharmaceuticals.

Many of us are conscientious about the water we drink but don't realize our pores absorb the water we shower and bath in. For beautiful hair/skin and overall health, I use both a shower and a house filter. I can't recommend enough for long-term health as you do not want to be ingesting and accumulating heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more on a daily basis!


My Health & Wellness Favorites

*The products, companies, and websites included on this list are only those that I personally use, have used, or researched and recommend. If you purchase a product through a link marked with an asterisk (*), your cost will be the same as if you purchased through the main website or discounted when a coupon code is offered, and I receive a small referral fee as an affiliate. Your support helps to fund Transcend by Monet's health initiatives and efforts to educate and inspire others to make the most informed health decisions available to enhance health and well-being. Thank you for your support.

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