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Dr. Jing's Sugar Craving Buster

My Chinese Acupuncturist Dr. Jing gave me this very simple tea recipe for sugar cravings several months ago. Initially, I thought she was crazy. It seemed unlikely to me that 'a tea' was going to be an effective substitute or override my desire for whatever chocolate delicacy I was craving, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was very effective. Here is Dr. Jing's easy TCM remedy to help you combat sugar cravings as you transition to a healthier diet after the holidays. This is also a wonderful proactive remedy to begin as soon as you foresee or begin to feel stress!

1-2 ginger tea bags or a finger size of fresh chopped ginger

1 tsp honey (Manuka honey is my go to because of all the extra medicinal benefits. Whatever you choose make sure it is unrefined, raw & organic! Local is great too & has been known to alleviate allergy symptoms.)

1/2 juice from a lemon

Steep your ginger in hot water for at least 5 minutes and then add the honey and lemon. Enjoy!

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