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Health, Happiness & Longevity Secrets from Louise Hay

In celebration of Louise Hay’s 88th birthday today, here are some health and wellness highlights from a recent Hay House I Can Do It lecture featuring Louise and the co-authors of her new book, Loving Yourself to Great Health. At 88 years of age, Louise is a poster child for perfect health, clarity of mind, creativity, productivity, physical stamina, presence and joy. Louise is still writing books, traveling and making public appearances. She passionately talks about doing her mirror work, watching her thoughts, practicing self-care, eating nutritious foods, learning new things and being physically active. She loves her body, appreciates her body and takes very good care of herself, physically and emotionally. The anti-aging effects of Louise’s lifestyle are obvious and noteworthy. When people approach Louise, she said they often tell her their affirmations are not working, and the first question she asks them is, “What did you have for breakfast? I know that if they are not having good nutrition, and good nutrition serves the brain, they are not thinking well. They are just out of it… But if you start to shift and change the food, then it’s easier to grasp onto the new thoughts and to make them part of your life. And then you make better choices with food, and you get better and better and better. You have to have good thoughts, and you have to have good food, and then your life is perfect.” ~ Louise Hay

Nourishing wisdom from Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro & Heather Dane:

  • What you eat matters. It helps you feel better, think better, focus better, sleep better and more.

  • Health starts in the mouth. Find a good holistic dentist. Don’t let them put metal/mercury in your mouth! You can read more from Ahlea on holistic dentistry (including resources) at

  • Digestive enzymes are a great supplement to help with digestion especially as you age and your own digestive enzymes might decrease.

  • Bowel health: “Nothing better than feeling good and having a good poop. Releasing, letting go, literally and metaphorically. Bowel health is very indicative of how we live our life. Intake, assimilation and elimination, but too often we don’t do that. We have experiences and instead of letting them go (flushing), we keep rehashing them over and over again.” - Louise. To bring herself back into the now when she’s going back to something from the past, she uses the affirmation, “Flush, Louise, FLUSH! The now is where the action is, if you’re not here, you’re not living your life, and you're losing it.”

  • Gut health: The gut is often referred to as the second brain. There is a connection between the gut and the brain that sends signals to the brain; these signals can be calm and happiness or distress. There is communication back and forth, and the gut/brain axis shares a lot of the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers responsible for our moods). 90-95% of serotonin (known as the happiness hormone, which regulates our moods, sleep, memory, happiness and self-esteem) is found in the gut. Anything happening in your gut will affect your serotonin. Serotonin deficiency is responsible for depression.

  • Immune health: 80% of your immunity is located in the gut. If you have a gut issue, it will affect your immunity. Any immune conditions look to the gut as root cause.

  • A study found that fat has the ability to make you feel happier (and fuller).

  • Your body has good bacteria and bad bacteria, and they’re supposed to be balanced and living in harmony in order to help you digest and make vitamins. Scientists found that this bacteria is communicating to your brain constantly. When you eat processed foods and sugar, you can overfeed the bad bacteria, which can overcome the good bacteria communicating to brain with depression, cold hands/feet, toe fungus, brain fog, pain and more.

  • IBS is the second leading cause of people missing work behind the common cold!

  • Acknowledge your relationship with sugar. Sugar is found to be more addictive than cocaine. It doesn’t support any system in our body. It gives us a high and then a crash.

  • One of the top causes of death in US is improperly prescribed pharmaceuticals. Use a holistic approach.

  • Nutrition is the foundation for everything you want!

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